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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix is the absolute best unisex, premixed synthetic urine you can provide to your customers. Simply heat to body temperature and Quick Fix is indistinguishable from normal human urine! Each batch of Quick Fix is pre-tested in a laboratory to ensure effectiveness. This guarantees that your customers will receive the quality they expect from the world’s best synthetic urine. Included with every bottle of Quick Fix is a small heating pad that will bring the product to body temperature for approximately 6-8 hours. For faster heating, Quick Fix can also be brought to body temperature in 7-10 seconds using a microwave.


Authentic Quick Fix! The latest formula!

Offered a too good to be true deal on Quick Fix? It probably is!
The manufacturer of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has recently discovered significant quantities of counterfeit product in the marketplace. This product looks just like the real thing but IT DOES NOT WORK! We only distribute authentic Quick Fix!

With Rapid Clear Detox order you will receive genuine product every time!


$23+ Profit Per Unit

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is one of the most profitable pre-mixed synthetic urines on the market. Earn at least $23 dollars profit per unit. Since our pricing is based on the quantity you purchase, you can earn even more profit for buying a higher quantity of products.