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Rapid Clear Detox Drinks


$35+ Profit Per Unit!

Can you imagine earning over $35.00 for selling just one drink? We make great profits a reality for stores that carry Rapid Clear Detox products! Since our pricing is based on the quantity you purchase, you can earn even more profit for buying a higher quantity of products!

We recommend carrying both the 16 oz version of Rapid Clear Detox, and the Double Detox (for those individuals over 200lbs) in your store.

The Rapid Clear Detox Drink is a detoxifying product that holds the toxins in your body.

Works on all toxins! Rapid Clear Detox  Drinks work on all toxins, are completely undetectable. You can trust our Detox Drinks to help you detox.

Simple: Simply refrigerate, shake well and drink one bottle of Rapid Clear Detox Drink and a 16oz glass of water, wait 45 minutes and you'll be set to be detoxified!

Tasty: Available in a delicious cherry or lemon-lime flavor, Rapid Clear Detox Drinks are the tasty way to block all toxins from being released in your urine.